The Future

 The Future

What do I want to be? A very interesting question. I’m not to sure what I want to be. I want to be something important, something different. Maybe I want to be a surgeon or a scientist. There are so many options. I could be a professional athlete.

What am I gonna do in life? It’s something everyone thinks about. Some people only think about the positive. and some people think about the negative. The thing is that the people who think about the negative aren’t very happy. So the thing is if you’re a kid don’t worry that’s so far ahead in life that it’s irrelevant.

So as I’ve showed you there’s no reason to think about the negative when there is the good things in life. There is away to prevent all the negatives too. Go to school got to college and you’ll get a very good job. So it’s simple just stay in school.
Better Future Ahead Sky

the future

Do think that living thinking about the negative is bad?

Do you think people who think about the positive have better lives?

Comment your answers.



roses violets daisies are red

apparently I  am  dead

petunias are blue

just like you too blue

Though I still think most flowers are red.


there once was a fat bat

he tried to fly like a cat

this bat  didn’t know that cats couldn’t fly

so cats  couldn’t go very high

so he tried to fly then hit his head the poor little bat

These are the two limericks I wrote the first one doesn’t make sense

how I got banned from my favorite factions server

I was April 20th. I was on  and I was with my faction.  And I got bored and asked if my friend wanted to come. He said yes.  So I messaged him the IP and it told me don’t advertise, so I tried again and I got banned. I know what you might say it’s my fault which is somewhat true, but it was through a message which isn’t really advertising because no body else can see it.  So I went on their web sight and appealed and  never was replied to. That’s how  I got banned from my favorite factions server.

forgive me

Forgive Me


Im sorry

I put a virus on the computer

i was not honest

to avoid the yelling and screaming

now it is slow


i cannot fix it

so we have to get a new one

it was expensive

Forgive me im sorry

i did this to our computer

now it is slow as a turtle